The main research direction include:

    (1)Interface phenomenon and phase change heat transfer;

    (2)Mechanism and characteristics of micro scale transmission;

    (3)Microbial energy conversion and reactor engineering;

    (4)The fuel cell and transmission phenomenon;

    (5)Enhanced heat and mass transfer; Energy-saving technology.


    I. Basic condition

    The PhD recruit of IETP aims at the master of university and research institute at home and abroad.

    Demands: ability of reading and writing, doing scientific research independently, bearing hardships, honest, conscientiousness and having team spirit.


    II. Material of recruit

    (1) curriculum vitae (including personal situation, experience of education and work, summary of scientific research, paper publishing or other achievement)

    (2) Scanning copy of academic degree certificate

    (3) Representative publications and full text patent



    According to regulation of Chongqing University and IETP, the treatment includes:

    1. State stipend: PhD: 2100 yuan/month (12 month/year);

                              Master: 500 yuan/month (12 month/year)

    2. National academic scholarship (for Master)

    3. National Scholarship (elected per year): PhD: 30k yuan/year;

                                                                     Master: 20k yuan/year;

    4. Other scholarships

    5. Subsidy: PhD: 1100 yuan/month;

                      Master: 200 yuan/month for grade 1;400 yuan/month for grade 2&3;