Qiang Liao


    Qiang Liao:

    Ph. D, Second Grade Professor, Doctoral Tutor; Distinguished Professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Programme”, Winner of the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, National candidate of the “New Century Talents Project”, “New Century Excellent Talent Programme” and “Excellent Youthful Teacher Programme” of Ministry of Education, receiving special government subsidies of the State Councial, Chief scientist of National Key Research and Development Program.

    At present he holds the office of President of Power Engineering Institute of Chongqing University, Director and vice chairman of academic committee of Key Laboratory of Low Grade Energy Utilization Technology and System (Ministry of Education), Director of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IETP) and the project leader of the innovation team "Highly Efficient Microbial Energy Conversion Theory and Technology" in Chongqing universities. Vice President of China Engineering Thermophysics Society, College of Engineering Thermophysics Research Association, Vice Chairman of Heat and Mass Transfer Branch of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, Member of the expert judges of Department of Engineering and Materials Science of the Eleventh and Twelfth National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaAcademic leader of Engineering Thermophysics (national key discipline) and doctoral degree point of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics. Academic Committee member of the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science and the Key Laboratory of Railway Vehicle Thermal Engineering of the Ministry of Education, Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of Fire and Explosion Safety Control in Chongqing and the Clean Combustion and Energy Efficient Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center in Fujian. Prof. Liao is the associate editor of Energy (international Journal) and the editorial board member of International Academic Journals including Science Bulletin, Applied Thermal Engineering, J. of Fuel and J. of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy, guest editor of Int. J. Hydrogen Energy and Int. J. Green Energy, and the editorial board member of Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, Journal of Chongqing University, Thermal Science and Technology, Fire Science and Frontiers in Energy. He successively visited the Department of mechanical engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Tennessee for research. Prof. Liao engaged in related research about heat and mass transfer enhancement, multiphase flow in porous media, heat and mass transfer, phase-change heat transfer, cooling of electronic components, energy saving and emission reduction, microbial energy conversion and treatment of environmental pollution.

    Dr. Pro. Qiang Liao has taken charge of 11 Natural Science Foundations of China, 2 National Key Projects and 11 Provincial Key Projects. Up to now more than 500 academic papers have been published, including more than 200 SCI papers which are cited more than 2000 times. 2 International Academic Monographs have been written and 50 patents for invention of United States and China have been authorized.  


    Tel/Fax: 086-023-6510-2474

    Add: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chongqing University

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