Ao Xia


    Ao Xia:

    Researcher, doctoral tutor. Dr. Xia graduated in College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering at Zhejiang University, and received an honorary degree from Zhu Kezhen college in June 2008. Dr. Xia was recommended as a direct doctor in Key Laboratory of clean energy utilization at Zhejiang University and graduated in December, 2013 as a doctorate in engineering. He engaged in postdoctoral research in the national University College of Cork (UCC) and Ireland marine renewable energy center (MaREI) from January 2014 to January 2016. In January 2016, Dr. Xia joined in the Power Engineering institute of Chongqing University as scholar of "Hundred Talents Program" and Mainly engaged in research of algae fuel, biomass conversion. He has published more than 30 papers in important international journal SCI of biomass energy such as <Trends in Biotechnology>, <Biotechnology Advances>, <Applied Energy>, <Bioresource Technology>, <Energy>. His articles has been cited more than 200 times. H-index reaches to 10. Dr. Xia coauthored bio gas publication <A perspective on algal biogas> of International Energy Agency (IEA). Dr. Xia did oral report for 3 times(invited to report for 1 time) and 2 times of the domestic meeting in the field of bio-energy important international meeting. He was invited as reviewer of <Applied Energy>, <Bioresource Technology> and other 5 international SCI journals, and became special reviewer of <Applied Energy> series meeting. Dr. Xia won a <Bioresource Technology> Award for best referees (Top Reviewer Award 2015), Irish Marine renewable Energy fund (2015), "Zhu Kezhen scholarship" (2013), "International Conference on Clean Energy," Outstanding Paper Award(2012), first prize honors and awards of the national Energy conservation and emissions reduction competition  (2010), etc.



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